DiyBio Care Package and a New Game Plan

We are happy to announce that our diyBio care package from The Odin has arrived! Exciting new toys for the biology lab are now here. Pictured below are the great materials that have been donated. You can see that we now have a PCR machine, gel box, new pipettes and tips to add to our collection, various reagents, and even a CRISPR kit! Not shown are the bacteria strains, dyes, and other materials for recombination.

If you are interested in learning how to get started as a biohacker, let us know. We’re currently testing the waters to see how many people are interested in a diy biology and biohacking class.

This brings us to the other announcement.

Due to a variety of environmental and infrastructural issues, we have chosen to move the makerspace out of the warehouse. But don’t worry! We are setting up to run classes at various locations around the city, including a drone factory and the Jax Library Makerspace. All the tools still exist and if you want to learn or do, we can pop up and make it happen. We’re still here, we’re just more mobile. Flexibility is good.

Thank you again to The Odin for their awesome donation of supplies, and let us know if you are ready to start biohacking.