As of tomorrow, Friday May 5th we’re officially opening our doors for the first time! We’re based out of Mixon Studios and have three rooms: a wood shop, an electronics space, and our biology lab.

If you’ve always wanted to make something out of wood, be it a bird house or a cello, then our woodshop is the place for you. We’ve got the tools, materials and expertise to help you with whatever project you’re looking to build. If electronics are more your speed, or you want to add a sensor to your birdhouse to monitor food levels, then our electronics space is just the place. Or maybe you just want to learn about plants or microbes. In that case our biolab will have everything you need to get you started.


The day before mothers day, Saturday May 13th, we’ll be hosting our first event at the space. Behind the studio is a gorgeous greenspace where we’ll be building a big vertical farm using only salvaged materials. Plants have been generously donated by The Green Spot and we’ll have everything from delicious edible plants, to fragrant flowers, to potent medicinals. If you’re interested in sustainability, gardening, or just want to hang out and help us build things, then come on down.

Once it’s complete and it’s done growing, everyone who visits will be able to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables.

Our woodshop is now finished being put together and it looks beautiful. Do you have something you’ve always wanted to make out of wood? Then come on down and we’ll get you set up! The electronics room and bio space are still being set up, so they won’t be available till next week, but you’ll get a taste of what they’ll be like when they’re ready.


What kind of things would you like to see at the makerspace? Let us know in the comments.